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Thursday, October 25 2012  |  6 notes

LISTEN UP: KILLBOT || Sound Surgery EP

I’m extremely picky about my dubstep and bass music.  Especially when it’s a genre I used to despise, I can’t just have the same four measures of bass being thrown at me for three minutes.  To be honest, I was prepared to not like this new Killbot project from none other than KoRn’s Jonathan Davis.  I still am a little unsure of how I feel about the dubstep direction of KoRn’s last record, The Path of Totality.  The production was top-notch (anything Noisia is involved in is golden in my eyes) but KoRn’s first few albums were mainstays in my CD player when I was a teenager so the new focus on EDM kind of fell short on me - even though I probably should like it.

But I digress, the new Killbot project between Mr. Davis, Sluggo, and Tyler Blue is likely to go down as one of the best releases of the American dubstep scene.  It’s a skull-crushing descent into a once underground genre that’s become overly popular thanks to producers being tapped by mainstream artists.  While Jonathan Davis could actually be considered one of those mainstream artists, his approach with Sluggo and Tyler Blue as Killbot is genuine and most certainly worthy of applause.  Hell, this EP did drop on Dim Mak, after all.  Steve Aoki has always been a great tastemaker and this Killbot release is no exception.  ”Wrecked” is easily my favorite track though, so if you’re unsure if you want to buy this ish (which you can do right here), gravitate towards that cut first.  All in all, a memorable chapter in the American dubstep saga! -NMJ 

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