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Tuesday, March 20 2012  |  2 notes

FIELD REPORT open for Megafaun tomorrow night at Schuba’s!

You guys like hearing about awesome shows at the last minute … right?  Well, Schuba’s has quite the line-up tomorrow night - you can catch Megafaun (who are pretty awesome - click that link if you’ve never heard them!), but the best part is the opener, Field Report.  This guy’s music just recently hit my inbox before he did some seriously awesome SXSW performances and only based on the two songs you can hear below, I can say that this is one show I wish I was able to head out to!

Chris Porterfield, the brainchild behind Field Report, has a Bon Iver connection as well for all of you Justin Vernon followers - he used to be in Deyarmond Edison with Vernon and Megafaun.  Field Report’s live show is one that must be heard and seen to be believed though.  He performs with a six-piece band, including someone on pedal steel (!!), and some of his songs feature FOUR part harmonies.  Trust me when I tell you that this guy is an artist to watch … if 2012 has a promising upstart to potentially break out of the indie realm into winning a Grammy in the same vein as Arcade Fire and Bon Iver, Field Report is your guy.  You can buy tickets for the show tomorrow via this link and keep up with Field Report via his website. -Neil Miller, Jr.

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